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With each bespoke engagement ring crafted from scratch in our central London atelier, no two rings are ever created the same.

A "made to order" approach ensures each piece is entirely unique, crafted around the specific stones, avoiding unneccesary waste, creating pieces that clients truly desire and allowing us to immerse each person in the creative process.

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Sam Stirrat gemologist in Sri Lanka

Sustainably sourced

Created with nature in mind

Our acute awareness of using precious materials in our creations has heightened our desire to preserve and protect the environment wherever possible.

It is important to note that this is a deeply personal subject matter and each person or couple indentifies with differing values within this complex paradigm. With this in mind we adopt a fact based approach, seeking to educate each client on our approach, why we do things the way we do and where we still think we, or the industry, need to improve.

We are currently in the process of completing our B-Corp certification and hope to achieve this prestigous status in early 2024.

Our intiatives

Natural diamond classics

Classic bespoke diamond engagement rings

Created using ethically sourced natural white diamonds from Responsible Jewellery Council approved cutters and suppliers. These are timeless and elegant designs with a contemporary finish.

Classic white diamond engagement rings

Immersive Jewellery

A deeply personal creative experience

The case studies provided below shine a light on the creative process in the making of a custom made engagement ring in our London atelier. These are deeply personal designs, tailored to individual stories and it is our great pleasure to share the journey as part of our immersive creations.

The typical engagment ring process...
Yellow diamond and heart shaped trilogy ring

Bespoke yellow diamond trilogy ring

Tsavorite and diamond engagement ring

Bespoke "Patagonia" design

Rough sapphire low resolution

Sustainably sourced

Journeys of discovery to the source

With annual expeditions to far flung corners of the earth in search of precious gems, welcome to a world of immersive jewellery. We go in search of the worlds most precious diamonds and gemstones, seeking to bring you the stories behind the stones and create designs tailored to your story.

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Character filled gems

Coloured stone engagement rings

Offering a unique sense of identity and individual character coloured gemstones provide a sense of personality to any given creation. With no two coloured diamonds or gemstones ever being the same our coloured stone engagement rings epitomises our ethos.

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Alternative creations

Unique and art deco inspired designs

We take great joy in creating a wide range of unique, highly personal, custom engagement ring styles - ranging from our signature modern classics to more vintage inspired pieces. Our only pre-requisite is that each piece meets our own quality thresholds, tailored to an individual or couple and showcases the exceptional stones.

Alternative engagement rings


Engagement ring inspiration

Black A16sept21 C

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Pink diamond trilogy

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