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The typical engagement ring journey

The Journey

The typical bespoke engagement ring journey

First and foremost, there is no standard process. Every person and or couple is different and therefore our approach is always tailored to the specfic needs of any persons. The below is a very simplified taste of what one might expect from the early steps in our journey.

The Start

Day 0

Day 1

Day 2

Day 3-5

Day 7

Day 7-30

Day 30-40

Sam Stirrat gemologist in Sri Lanka

The Start: Everyone starts somewhere

Purchasing or designing an engagement ring can be a daunting prospect. For the gentleman, it is often a foreign concept and for a lady, the sheer number of options can be overwhelming. Our aim is to remove any preconcieved notions in this regard and welcome you on a journey filled with great excitement and joy. Let us share with you a typical journey...

A pencil drawing of a bespoke engagement ring

Day 0: Initial contact

Regardless of the stage you are at in your journey (ranging from just starting to think about an engagement to, knowing a specific design you want and needing it now) at some stage you will likely need some help. The earlier you get in touch with us the more help we can be.

Clients are able to contact us via a variety of channels (telephone, email, social media etc) however the most effective means is typically via our contact page. We build long term relationships with every client so the more details you are happy to share the more tailored our advice can be.

Blackacre founder Sam

Day 1: Introducing ourselves

We pride ourselves on our professionalism and personal nature. Within 24 hours of submitting your request one of our team will be in touch to introduce themselves over email (we never phone without pre-arranging as we don't want to ruin any suprises).

Our first contact with you (either from Samuel, Creative Director or Laura, Head Gemologist) will address any specific questions you may have and most likely we will want to find a time to talk to you on the phone.

Blackacre gemologist Laura

Day 2: A detailed conversation on the phone

This is a chance for us to discuss things in a bit more detail. In this initial phone call we will walk you through the typical journey in a little more detail. From design ideas, initial research, budgeting we will be able to set you off on the right foot.

At the end of this call we will agree the appropriate next steps as to your specific needs.

Blackacre Office Final

Day 3-5: Arranging a visit

Depending on your specific needs there may be a period of design, moodboarding or mockups following our initial conversations. However sooner or later we would suggest a meeting in our showroom.

Our  perception of modern luxury, exemplified by our clean contemporary studio and expert team, should provide a relaxed environment in which to learn.

During this meeting we will talk you through how our jewellery is created, giving you a detailed understanding of what makes any given piece "high quality". We will then give you a detailed education on all things diamond or gemstone - specific to the designs that we are leaning towards. 

Loose stones

Day 7: Confirmation of stone choices

In most instances we will aim to issue a detailed and full quotation following a viewing (or after a follow up viewing). Our hope is that by this stage you will be armed with all the detailed education and knowledge needed, to the extent you can tell us the exact specification of design and diamond or gemstone you would like us to proceed with.

Once we have written confirmation of this we would be in a position to start the creation process...

Setting stones in a Blackacre ring

Day 7-30: The creation process

From the point of confirmation we typically allow 5-6 weeks for the creation of most engagement rings - however we will confirm any specific timelines with you prior to commencing any work.

We pride ourselves on the immersive nature of our jewellery and hope the creation is as enjoyble as the finished piece. Not everything needs to be shared with the wider public...

Tsavorite and diamond engagement ring

Day 30-40: The final creation

One of the most cherished moments for us in any given journey is the unveiling of a finished creation. A moment where nervous anticipation quickly shifts to unequivocal joy and one that we greatly treasure.

Start a conversation (and we will guide you through every step).

Immersive jewellery

Be part of the creation experience

Exclusive access to our state of the art workshop and gemstones straight from the source. Our team of experts take great pride in immersing clients in our world. We want to create an educational journey allowing you to share in our passion for exceptional diamonds and technical excellence in jewellery design.

Our latest sourcing expedition
Blackacre gemologist Laura

Expedition Sourced

Ethically sourced traceable gemstones

We seek to go to lengths that others won't, travelling to the source in search of the world's most exceptional diamonds and gems.

Tired of the often unproven rhetoric surrounding "ethical sourcing" we seek to immerse you in our world, documenting our expeditions and shining a light on the worlds most sustainable practices.

We do not shy away from the fact that the natural world has created these treasured gemstones, and thus it is critical we champion the most sustainable practices and ensure they are cherished through generations.

Sustainably sourced gemstones

Case Studies

Behind the scenes of creating a bespoke engagement ring

Follow the journey of a bespoke engagement ring as we take you behind the scenes of the creative process. Offering an insight in to what a client might expect to see, from initial designs to the setting of stones, the case studies below immerse you in our world...

Yellow diamond and heart shaped trilogy ring

Yellow diamond trilogy ring

Tsavorite and diamond engagement ring

Bespoke "Patagonia" design

Heirloom folder and ring Low Res Zoomed

Gouache Design

Creativity and passion at the heart of everything we do

Find out more
CAD Round and trillion diamond engagement ring 1 CAD Round and trillion diamond engagement ring 4 CAD Round and trillion diamond engagement ring 2

CAD design

Following a 3D laser scan of the diamonds and gemstones our expert CAD designers will work tirelessly to develop the core construct of the ring in the optimal proportions. The output of which provides an insight in to the final design perspective.

Wax 2

Wax prototype

A 3D wax print of the design will be created, with each component being modeled separately, to allow an individual mould to be created for every element ahead of casting.

Bg workshop 2 s

Assembly and Casting

Individually cast and assembled by hand

We focus on unrivalled quality and consequently cast each component of our pieces separately ahead of assembling them by hand. This ensures total quality control in the casting phase and mitigates against unwanted flaws associated with lump casting, such as air bubbles and fissures, which could create weaknesses in the pieces.

Bg sq stonesetting

Stone Setting

Show your treasures in the best light:

"Over 50% of most jewels are metal. Exceptional craftsmanship can raise the perceived quality of any gem". Samuel Stirrat – Founder

We pride ourselves on the quality of our setters with our near invisible signature talon claws and side cut scallop settings allowing the maximum amount of light to reflect and refract through the stones whilst guaranteeing total security.

Final Ring

Exceptional quality straight from the workshop

Our clients collect their final ring from the workshop where it was made, from the hands of the craftsmen and women that made it. Our case studies shed more light on our unique client service.

Case studies

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