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Delivering on a vision

A day of filming is filled with plenty of excitement, but not without a tinge of nervousness and anxiety. There are so many moving parts and logistical challenges that need to come together. This is the journey of an exceptional team delivering on a vision.

When pulling together a shoot on this scale it’s "in for a penny in for a pound". Everything is confirmed and booked for one day only which all adds to the pressure.

The locations and risks

The location we chose for the filming was The Terrace Suite at One Aldwych Hotel where, along with the fresh pastel hues, elegant décor and modern yet timeless furnishing, a private roof terrace forms a major feature.

The suite flows out on to the roof terrace via a small staircase where Parisian-esque views circumnavigate the set. It is a truly unique setting that offers magical escapism in the heart of a bustling city.

With a filming window limited to 12 hours, the roof terrace was a risk – What happens if it rains? What if it is blowing a gale (it’s October after all)? Combined with the risk that a positive Covid test could cripple an irreplaceable team, there was plenty at stake. But what’s life without a little risk?


Arriving on set

After waking at the crack of dawn filled with excitement, a team of 7 converged on One Aldwhych Hotel in London. Having successfully navigated the logistics of multiple lateral flow tests, a full house emerged on set, fuelled by coffee and chocolate croissants.

Anyone who knows Sam can only imagine the level of rigour and attention to detail this day was being given. In addition to the countless moodboards, timesheets, brand guidelines and other meetings held in advance, the day commenced with a 15 minute briefing.

By the time the clock struck 08:15am we were up and running!


Getting set up

The room was quickly filled with a cacophony of noise as make-up brushes spilled out on to tables, hairdryers fired up and lighting stands were quickly erected.

Whilst individual lights may have shot up quickly, there is nothing quick about the set-up itself... particularly when you're perfectionists.

Filmmaker Will and Lighting Director Chris rapidly dismantled and reconfigured the space, paving the way for galactic like lights to fill the voids.

As the weather gods appeared to have taken pity on us, the balcony came into its own. For the passionate lighting gurus, this was a real blessing. The ability to light the entire suite from inside and outside meant that we could even bring the sunlight to the set, a rarity on an autumnal day in London.

Setting up continues

...and keeps continuing… Just when you start to get the feeling that we are close to the start of filming… the lighting gurus declare another re-shuffle is required, closely followed by a delivery of even more lights. And so it continues...


Lights, camera, action

Just like that, we were up and running – perhaps a little behind the military like schedule, but up and running nethertheless.

The order of filming was in line with the film sequencing. The opening shots set to capture an elegant and poised bride in the intimate moments ahead of her special day. Georgina Howard, our delightful bride, effortlessly exuded the happiness and joy that only a Bride will know.

The challenge with film is that there is no retouching, there is no hiding. So in practice what this means is countless adjustments between shots. From makeup touch-ups, the re-positioning of hair, adjusting of jewellery, the re-pinning of dress and adjusting of lights – everything needs to be perfectly placed.


The veil shots

The core aim of the film was to capture the intimate and joyous moments a couple share together, behind the scenes of their special day. No sequence better reflects this than the intimate moments captured from within the veil.

It could be argued that this was the vision around which the campaign film was built. It is intimate and personal as the story unfolds under her veil, forming a special space from within which the happiness cannot escape.

Capturing the film was a different story… With four of us clutching on to the veil to hold it aloft, standing at various peculiar positions to avoid being within shot, the wind bellowed from underneath. Will ducked and dived in and out as Georgina painted an a constant picture of elation and elegance.


The anonymous groom

As the day pressed on, we moved back inside for the introduction of our anonymous groom. As the film progresses, the journey of emotion moves from the poised and formal bride to the more intimate playful moments she shares with her loved one.

We won’t spoil anything here but the groom was more than happy with his anonymous role. Ever the professional, our discerning groom tried his very best to remove the shackles of an acting career previously limited to a single line in a school play.


The Final Shots

Time really does evaporate on days like this – no sooner than we had started and we were already packing down. In the final sequence our bride was adorned in a rather special jumpsuit.

Whilst Georgina continued to tantilise the camera with her infectious smile, the team beavered away starting to pack down the set. The deadline for returning the suite keys at 6pm loomed at large.


That's a wrap...

Just like that the day drew to the close. After months of planning and an adrenaline fuelled day the sun set on our beloved roof terrace. A remarkable success from an exceptional team.

All of this would not have been possible without the support of Ian McIntosh (Hair & Make up), Philippa at Boa Boutique who kinly provided the intricate lace wedding dress from Alma Novia and of course Georgina Howard from Models 1 who effortlessly took the role of the Blackacre bride. Many thanks.

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