The making of the film

We continually want to find new ways of sharing our journey, taking people to places they have never been before to see things they have never seen.

Artistic flair

Exceptional designs

We wanted to highlight our focus on "stone led design". This simply means that all of our designs are built around specific stones. As a consequence each design is perfectly proportioned and tailored to each precious stone.

Our designer Inessa was briefed with creating a design for two one of a kind stones; a 1.35ct Intense Blue and 1.60ct Fancy Yellow Orange diamond. Prior to the filming six designs were produced for each stone before we selected the perfect design to create.

Picture perfect

Gouache designs

The three dimensional Gouache designs are built up layer upon layer. The opening sequence of the film highlights the intricate work the designers go through. Every aspect is captured in life like detail with the water based paints.

For the purpose of filming three different versions were required to allows us to capture the film in one sitting. The typical painting can take over 24 hours to create.

Artisan craft

Assembled by hand in the atelier

The creation of a high quality piece of jewellery relies on no one thing in particular but rather a large number of minute details. Following the laser like precision of the computer designs each piece is cast and individually assembled by hand. This meticulous process allows for an unrivaled level of quality control.

Stone Setting

Technical engineering in the setting of stones

Whilst the creation of a ring spans over multiple weeks we were able to capture the magical moments the centre stones are set in to the designs before the labour intensive polishing process begins.

The image depicted here shows the blue diamond centre stone suspended from the burnishing tool. Attached by grease alone the stone is lowered in to the setting with perfect precision.


Eight grades of polish

The film captures the fast paced application of eight grades of polish from the wheel. Between the application of each grade the polisher reviews the work under a loupe to ensure every element is covered. Not shown in the film however is the process of the polishing string being passed through the intricate areas to create a mirror like finish on every facet.


A detailed education

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