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Blue sapphire engagement rings

Azure hues of blue

Ranging from a deep inky blue through to vibrant royal blue and soft pastel blue, sapphires the natural world provides a spectrum for all. Below is a selection of previous creations paying homage to this noble gemstone.

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Paving the way in a new era of responsible luxury, as a B-Corp certified jewellery designer, we are amongst "The world's first top tier luxury jewellers to achieve this status..."


Colour Palette

A spectrum of blue

The colour of a blue sapphire is caused by the presence of iron and titanium in the crystal lattice of corundum. The more iron present, the more inky blue-black colour, typically seen in Australian sapphires, the less iron gives the body of the sapphire a pastel-sky blue colour.

Historically, the finest sapphires have been sourced from Kashmir, India and Myanmar, these stones have a "velvety" quality to them caused by microscopic inclusions in the crystals. Today, many of stones with the Royal Blue colouration are found in Sri Lanka.

The use of colour can be a key component within any green sapphire engagement ring design but must be used carefully to ensure it is complimentary as opposed to overwhelming. For this reason pastel and watery green colours are often preferred for smaller side stones and fine detailing.

River mine in Ratnapura region

Geographical Location

The origins of blue sapphires

Whilst found in a variety of locations, the most notable sources of green sapphires include; India, Myanmar, Australia, Thailand, Sri Lanka, Cambodia and the United States of America. Typically we would expect Australian blue sapphires to be darker in colour whilst those found in Montana (USA), which are very bright with an almost metallic lustre to them.

Corundum is typically found in alluvial gem or placer deposits, having been weathered out over millions of years from their host rock. These gravel beds have been buried over time and can be reached without the need for large-scale machinery or intensive mining practices. Corundum can also be found in situ in its host rock of a pegmatite.

Our expedition to Sri Lanka, one of the leading countries in the world when it comes to sustainable mining practices, provides a rich insight in to the ways in which sapphires can be sourced.

Sri Lanka Expedition 2022
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We are a little old fashioned and and place huge value on the personal nature of our service. So in the unlikely event your design becomes damaged we will do everything in our power to support you. We understand the peace of mind the value of a lifetime warranty can bring and therefore are delighted to offer this with every creation.

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