September 21, 2021

Proposal locations and creations with names that provoke emotions


The natural world and its geographical features have conjured up an unrivalled level of creative inspiration that has been cherished for millennia. From the earliest of times to the present day, man has sought inspiration from the natural world that surrounds us. It is therefore paramount to our very being that we safeguard the world we value so much.

Jewellery with emotions

The jewellery created by our exceptional craftsmen and women, whilst rich in technical precision and aesthetic beauty, goes on to lead a life filled with the greatest of personal memories and emotions.

Emotions and memories are our most prized possessions which can never be taken away. However unique pieces of jewellery find a way of capturing these special moments and holding them close for the rest of time. From a cursory glance at a wedding ring on a cold winters day, to marvelling at an engagement day and night, our jewellery can transport us back to these cherished moments.

Tidworth in box Cropped

Why locations mean more than just places

Just as jewellery enables our mind to travel in time, geographical locations will do the same. We all hold special places close to our heart, from family holiday destinations to a proposal locations, each one triggers a new emotion unique to each of us.

The mere reference of a cherished place in a passing conversation can send the sub conscience in over drive, reminiscing of summers past, cherished family moments of life’s special events. It is these emotions and memories that make places so important to us.

Why each Blackacre creation is named after a cherished place?

Just as the name Blackacre represents the location of the first ever proposal each subsequent creation is aptly named after a cherished place.

For our engagement rings, each ring is named after a location dear to the end wearers heart, the proposal location. Each piece therefore holds a deeper story and uniqueness that goes beyond that which meets the eye alone. A mere sighting of the creation and its given geography transports the mind to that very place and one of life’s most special moments.

The geographical importance does not stop there and is weaved in to our very creative being. Used at every stage in the creative process, nature holds a special place in our hearts. From the rippling waters of the Adriatic Seas to the white capped peaks of the Swiss Alps, locations and nature provide us with our inspiration for every piece. It is for this reason each piece is aptly named after a place that inspires and transports the mind triggering unique emotions and memories with each creation.

A curation of the finest proposal locations

By clicking the images below, you will be taken to the ring proposed with at each of these locations.









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