This beautiful and intricate engagement ring features a 1.50ct oval-cut diamond flanked by clusters of round and pear shaped diamonds set in platinum with an 18kt yellow gold shank.

From a top-down perspective this ring has a very cohesive look with each stone carefully blending into one another yet when carefully inspected you will be able to see each of the delicately set stones.

The exceptional quality of setting ensures the shape of the pear diamonds, particularly the point, is maintained due to the positioning of claws.

A series of secret diamonds is set in the centre stone gallery, each measuring 0.6mm in diameter each. A unique touch of personalisation which is only achieved by setting under a microscope.

For details of ring depicted see below. Design requires a minimum 1.50ct diamond centre stone. Please contact us to discuss customised variations.

From £17,500 (inc. VAT)

Design details

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