Sustainably sourced gemstones


End to end artisan supply chain

We believe transparency should be a founding pillar of modern luxury. Consequently we have sought to create our own artisan supply chain. It is our aim that every stone we use should be traceable to the source.

Diamonds and gemstones

Directly from the source

Our aim is that in years to come every gemstone used in our jewellery should be traceable to source. At present we have established a base location in Galle, Sri Lanka for the sourcing of our gemstones.

Through regular site visits and an on the ground presence we have built close relationships with artisanal miners. This now enables us to access and purchase the gemstones at the source, avoiding the large-scale sorting houses and cutting out the middle men.

We are building long term personal relationships to create a sustainable future for the industry we love.

Sri Lanka

Stone sourcing

A tropical paradise with a rich history in providing the highest quality gemstones.

The majority of the gems that reach our hub in Galle, where they are polished and cut, come from the Rathnapura district. Best known for its large Sapphires, Sri Lanka is also a rich source of gemstones such as Tourmaline, Aquamarines and Topaz which we regularly use in our jewellery.

Sustainable practices are carefully enforced by the National Jewelry and Gem Association.

Stone sourcing

Artisanal mining

Over 40 million people are estimated to work in artisanal small mines (ASMs) across the globe.

Sri Lanka is often regarded as the home to some of the most sustainable ASMs in the world. Of the c.6000 mining licences in the country over 90% are for pit mines. These sites are on average 1-2 acres with 5-6 workers per pit.

Working with artisan miners ensures a fair price is paid directly to them, ensuring the money is fed back into the local community as opposed to international corporations.

Responsible luxury

Driving long term positive change

Responsible luxury


Over 100 million people world-wide rely on small scale mining. Souring diamonds, gemstones and metals directly from local communities ensures they receive a fair price and directly benefit.

Responsible environment


Artisanal mines adopt sustainable man powered techniques with lower carbon emissions that significantly reduce environmental damage and allow for greater control when compared to large scale operations.

Responsible gia


Stones sourced from our artisan mines can be traced directly to the source. We ensure every stone is certified, exclusively using GIA for diamonds. Our laser inscribed watermark allows all stones to be traced back to us.


Creating the highest quality jewellery in a non-wasteful way

All our jewellery is made to order which ensures our levels of waste material are reduced to near zero. With no stock being held every piece made will be cherished and safeguarded by its owner to preserve nature’s greatest gems.


We exclusively use fair trade and recycled precious metals

We use a range of precious metals in our jewellery including 18kt Yellow Gold, Platinum 950, 18kt White Gold and 18kt Rose Gold. We recognise the importance of protecting the world’s metals and minerals and therefore we only use precious metals that have been recycled. Every piece is fully laser hall marked which includes our unique sponsors mark and the prestigious London Assay Office mark.

Founder statement

"Personalisation and transparency should be the founding principles as we drive a new era of "responsible luxury"..

- Samuel Stirrat

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