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Sam Stirrat Sri Lanka

Spears Magazine

"A hidden gem: the expedition-based jeweller with a reputation for quality"

"London's rising star jeweller Blackacre and what sets its gems apart from the rest...

Have you ever wondered why some jewels sparkle more than others? Perhaps it is the qualities of the individual diamond, or maybe the lighting in which it is viewed?

Step into any luxury jewellery space and the strategically placed creations are positioned to catch even the most untrained eye. But taken out of this carefully manicured environment, without the right level of technical design, even the most remarkable gem can look lacklustre.

So, what makes one piece of jewellery shine more brightly than another? For Blackacre, it’s an obsession with perfect proportions and technical detail."

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Teal sapphire engagement ring with a contour yellow gold fitted wedding ring

Bespoke engagement rings

The best places to buy a bespoke engagement ring in London

A list of the top London jewellers to go to for a truly one-of-a-kind engagement ring

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Blackacre signature marquise diamond floral inspired engagement ring

Luxury London

The luxury jeweller offering the ultimate bespoke experience

"Fascinated with gemology from a young age, founder and creative director Samuel Stirrat created Blackacre in 2017 with a commitment to craft, quality and transparency that has quickly afforded it the kind of credibility and appeal usually reserved for heritage brands. Sourcing top-grade stones from across the globe, Blackacre’s bespoke and made-to-order jewellery is handcrafted in an elegant workshop and showroom nestled amongst the central London legal chambers of Gray’s Inn, allowing clients to be involved at every step of the process..."

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Should you be proposing with a bespoke engagement ring

Thinking of proposing? Blackacre is a name you'll want to know when it comes to finding the perfect ring...

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Blackacres sam stirrat on saraching for gems

‘Designing a dream piece of jewellery for a specific person will mean so much to them; I love being part of that process.’

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Setting stones in a Blackacre ring

Luxury London

Where to buy an engagement ring in London...

Luxury London presents their list of the best places to purchase an enagement ring in London. The list features some of the best known brands in the world and we were delighted to see our name listed at the head of the rankings.

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There is more to wedding jewellery than rings alone

From earrings with detachable charms to diamond-set bracelets, here’s how Blackacre’s new ‘Bridal Collection’ will enhance your bride's big day…

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The Gents Journal Blackacre Sri Lanka Expedition

Follow jeweller Samuel Stirrat to ‘The Gem Island’ and discover how the British brand is going to the ends of the earth to deliver perfection…

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Blackacre expedition overlooking a river mine in Sri Lanka

Spears Magazine

Luxury jeweller Blackacre takes you on the journey of their gemstones

Leading the way in pursuit of the world's more sustainable practices with expeditions to the jungle

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