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A geological masterpiece and unfairly maligned

Emeralds have been prized for centuries due to their rich green colour, captivating crystal patterns and a natural lustre that seemingly glows.  With historical references noting it as a gemstone to have been loved by Cleopatra and Napoleon, emeralds remain a widely celebrated gemstone, making emerald rings an appealing choice. Whist more recently, commentary around the stones brittleness have seen them (sometimes) unfairly disregarded.

Like any of natures most wonderful creations it is only with a deeper understanding one truly appreciates the beauty. From Colombia to Zambia, Afghanistan to Brazil these gems hold their own little world inside each crystal.

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A tapestry of detail

Building a deep understanding of emerald gemstones

Education forms a critical component in the creation and selection of any jewel, and this especially so when you're considering an emerald gemstone for an engagement ring. Not only does it allow for a heightened appreciation of the rarity or uniqueness of a given specimen - it also ensures any given design is tailored and matched to ones own story. 

The power of jewellery (and the true value) comes from its deep association with personal meaning. Yes, on its own an emerald is a rare and beautiful gemstone, prized by collectors and gemstones lovers (like us alike). However when tied to a personal meaning it becomes all the more powerful.

With emeralds being found in such a variety of different locations it is a gemstone that can be matched to so many different stories. From couples who met travelling in Colombia to a sacred family home in Brazil each specimen can be tied to its own story.

Map of Emerald deposit types GIA

Global deposits

The location of emeralds across the globe

Emeralds can be located on all 5 continents of the earth, yet their appearance and form can vary greatly by geography

The world map opposite (courtesy of The Gemogical Institute of America) highlights the global distribution of emerald deposits). The formation of these crystals dates back 100s of millions of years (if not billons) with the formation of Beryl in the upper continental crust. 

Colombia has historically produced the most sought after specimens with a rich bottle green colour. However as reserves become increasingly rare, jewellers & collectors alike have gone in search of more varied or unusual specimens, bringing other geographical regions to the fore.

Map of Emerald deposit types Colombia

Prestigous locations

Colombia has been the origin of the most sought after emeralds

Historically, the best emeralds have been found in Colombia; these gemstones have a good saturation of colour, and exceptionally "clean" stones can be found, typically from the Muzo region. These precious gems were used by the Incas. Today, emeralds are still found in Colombia, as well as Brazil, India, Zambia, Tanzania, Zimbabwe & Siberia.

In ancient Egypt, Cleopatra's love of Emeralds was well known. This precious gemstone has been cherished by royalty and prominent figures in society for centuries. In the first century AD, Pliny the Elder stated "...nothing greens greener".

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Delicate gems

Formed in harsh environments

Emeralds are part of the Beryl family; their chemical formula is Beryllium Aluminium Silicate. They are formed in metamorphic and hydrothermal environments, grown in fluids containing many different minerals which as it cools down, the minerals precipitate out and form new compounds and crystals. Emeralds have a hardness of 7 1/2 on the Moh's scale of hardness, but due to their growing environments, they have a brittle nature.

The Beryl family is large and contains other gemstones such as Aqumarine, Morganite and Helidor. The colour of the stones used in our emerald engagement rings come from the presence of Chromium in the crystal lattice, as well as Vanadium.

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Uniquely Enchanting

A rich, soft green

Almost all natural emeralds contain inclusions, typically referred to as "le jardin" of an emerald because it can look like a little mossy garden in the gem. The clarity of an emerald shouldn't be compared to another gem such as aquamarine or sapphire. 

Depth and tone of colour are incredibly important when looking at emeralds, a rich soft green is typically the most sought after. The best emeralds seem to "glow" from within.

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Alternatives to green emerald engagement rings

Because of the way that emeralds grow, they tend to be brittle, so whilst an emerald engagement ring is a popular choice for many, they should be worn with caution. If you love the green tones of emeralds, but don't want their associated risk, then thankfully there are other green gemstones that can be used in engagement rings.

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