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Coloured stone engagement rings

Individual & colourful designs

A curated selection of previously created engagement rings with gemstones. Each piece captures a unique expression of personality through the use of colour. The highly personal designs are meticulously crafted around the diamonds and gemstones individually selected from our vault of expedition sourced stones.

Expedition sourced gemstones in the jungle

Responsibly sourced

Expedition sourced sustainable gemstones

Whilst the diamond trade is predominantly operated by large infrastructure, much of the world's gemstones are sourced from artisanal mines and small scale operations. With this comes great opportunity in our eyes...

Where possible, we seek to travel to the country of origin, meet those that find these exceptional stones and provide an insight into the story behind each gem.

Such an approach allows us to experience first hand the conditions within which our gemstones are found - allowing us to focus and support only those maintaining the most sustainable and ethical best practices.

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Alternative Designs

Unique coloured stone engagement rings

Our portfolio of more alternative designs also hosts a selection of coloured diamond and gemstone engagement rings. With designs that break away from the typical, these creations feature a heightened sense of individuality whilst still maintaining our core design principles.

Alternative engagement rings

Elegant designs

Attention to detail

We are of the firm view that a design need not be ostentatious or overly complex to be highly sophisticated and deeply meaningful. Instead we focus on a multitude of fine details that elevate the design, all whilst encompassed within the definition of a "modern classic".

Case study

The creative process

With every diamond and coloured gemstone engagement ring being uniquely made to order we are able to immerse you in the creative process. Sharing updates as we move through the creative process, we want you to share in our joy at creating these precious pieces.

Creating a modern Heirloom: The journey of a bespoke diamond ring

Unique coloured stones

Diamond & Gemstone collection

Our gem vault showcases a snapshot of our curated coloured diamond and gemstone collection. We adopt a design ethos of "stone led design" whereby each creation is meticulously crafted around the unique personality and properties of any given stone. Such an approach ensures each piece is perfectly proportioned, with the optimal flow of light to showcase these exceptional stones.

Gem Vault

Recent press

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As a boutique brand we spend most of the time focussing entirely on creating and crafting designs that are perfect for individuals or couples. Such a focus affords us little time to focus on large scale campaigns and expensive PR outlays. We are therefore immensely proud of the kind organic coverage we receive.

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Luxury London


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We operate by appointment only so that we can ensure we give each consultation our undivided attention. Investing time in education can't be done quickly. Let us know your initial ideas and we will help guide you from there.

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Our central London studio & workshop is open Monday to Friday 9:00am to 17:30pm available by appointment and is located just a short walk from Chancery Lane tube or Farringdon station.

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