This classic, art deco inspired engagement ring features an electric 2.00ct rectangular green tourmaline which is nestled between a matching pair of brilliant, trapezoid cut diamond side stones.

A green tourmaline is a unique vibrant stone which sets itself apart from an emerald or green sapphire because of its mesmerising shade of green. When set in an engagement ring like this one, it is a striking focal point which catches the eyes of many.

The differing cuts between the centre stone and side stones create a wonderful juxtaposition yet compliment each other very well. The step cut of the centre stone allows you to see directly into the stone and displays a clean and geometric elegance, whilst the brilliant cut trapezoids are created to maximise the amount of light reflected out to the eye.

For details of the ring depicted see below. Design requires a minimum 1.00ct centre stone. Please contact us to discuss a similar design or custom variations.

From £5,750 (inc. VAT)

Design details

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