April 01, 2022

Signature engagement rings - There's more than meets the eye


Inspired by the natural world the the Blackacre signature engagement rings fuse technical precision with artistic flair. From snow crested mountain tops to cascading tropical vines the collection pays homage to the juxtaposition of these tessellating shapes and wondrous natural forms.

As with all our creations, there is no one feature that that makes each piece so special, but rather, a multitude of tiny details. The final creations embody everything we stand for - timeless & elegant designs created with a modern finish. All whilst keeping the natural world front of mind.

Exceptional diamonds and a consistent approach

Oval on Chalcopyrite 2

A 1.55ct oval cut diamond with an exceptional cut and outstanding colour quality.

With an ethos centred on "stone led design", whereby each piece is individually designed and crafted to a specific gem, the first stage in any creation process is the selecting of a feature stone.

For the signature collection the approach was no different. With a design concept in mind we sought to curate an array of diamonds that were like no other. Just as a bespoke creation is created for and around the unique personality of the ultimate wearer, our signature designs embody our very being.

The signature collection engagement rings feature an assortment of oval, pear and round brilliant centre stones. No detail is left unturned in selecting the perfect diamond.

The selection criteria

We adopt a strict yet pragmatic approach in the selection of each stone. The collection is a showcase designed to reflect our signature style but it must also stand by our fundamental principles.

Having previously noted how to choose the best diamond shape & the breakdown of the 4 C's, we followed our own advice. The stones curated for the signature collection are exceptional specimens. Each diamond has a cut of unrivaled quality, displays the top colour quality (D) and whilst some may feature slight inclusions (SI1), our expert gemologists have worked tirelessly to find stones where these are only visible under 10x magnification.

A pragmatic approach without the help of a expert can quickly become a risky approach. There are multiple categories of criteria to consider in every stone and we take great satisfaction in finding noteworthy stones.

The Gouache Designs

DSC 1370 2

A gouache design of our Daintree ring annotated with the intricate details.

Using the technique of gouache design, a craft that has been honed in on over hundred of years, our highly skilled designers fuse unique artistry with with technical design.

Gouache provides a vital step between each stage in the process and adds a delicate touch to the creation journey. The ability to have total freedom of design safe in the knowledge that no material waste can occur offers a liberating space within which to work.

We previously filmed a full sequence of one designer at work in our film "Creating a Legacy" - it's worth a watch to marvel at the precision and one very steady hand!

San Pedro Gouache Design

From artistic flair to state of the art precision

Once the design has been finalised, a laser scan is performed on each diamond to measure its exact proportions. From here the CAD design is built up.

Once the laser scan has been performed and the technical engineering developed, digital renders are used to build the ring around the stones.

Such precision allows us to ensure that there is no excess or waste metal, that each diamond is perfectly paced and each claw correctly located. Using CAD, we can achieve absolute technical precision,

Daintree CAD - Front

The CAD design from the Daintree signature engagement ring.

Positano CAD design

The CAD design for the Patagonia ring displayed at the perspective angle.

Assembly & setting performed under the microscope

Much of the signature collection is best defined by the intricate setting of stones and unrivaled attention to detail. Such precision and quality of finish can only be achieved by the most skilled craftsmen and women.

Setting stones in a signature Blackacre ring

The settings are prepared with drill bits as small as 0.10mm to form the perfect seat.

Each stone is set in such a way as to allow the maximum amount of light to reflect and refract through each diamond, thus generating and unrivaled brilliance and sparkle

Particularly when it comes to setting the smaller stones the ability to use refined settings means the shapes of each diamond is maintained. The end result is simply spectacular with the crisp and elegant tessellating shapes glittering away free from the confines or large metal claws.

Setting stones in a Blackacre ring

The 1.55ct oval diamond is lowered in to position.

The Signature Rings


Hardwicke Perspective Website

The inaugural ring to start the collection. Featuring a 1.60ct, D colour, oval cut diamond, this ring takes inspiration from the climbing vines of the Daintree rainforest in Northern Queensland.

Technical Details:

The shoulders of Daintree feature eight marquise cut diamonds and four round brilliant cut diamonds. The use of shared claws allows us to keep metal work to a minimum whilst retaining the shape of the diamonds. Using fine microsetting techniques, we have set secret diamonds measuring 0.60mm in the bezel, allowing the ring to catch the light at any angle.

San Pedro

Brilliant cut diamond cluster centre stone

Inspired by the interlocking salt crystals in the nature reserve of San Pedro, this ring features a 1.70ct round brilliant cut diamond, nestled in between clusters of 2mm pear cut diamonds, seamlessly set together creating an elegant pavement of diamonds.

Technical Details:

San Pedro features clusters of pear cut side stones which are hugely challenging to set. Being able to keep the shape of the pear without making it look like a round brilliant on stones this small takes expert knowledge. Minimal use of metal whilst keeping each 2mm diamond secure is a technical feat.


Patagonia Macro

Created to honour the vast and snowy peaks in the region of Patagonia. Featuring a 1.60ct Pear cut diamond with marquise and pear cut diamond side stones, this ring is breathtaking yet gentle.

Technical Details:

The precision of Patagonia lies in its use of shared prongs to set 2mm marquise and pear cut diamonds. The bezel features 0.6mm round brilliant cut diamonds to allow sparkle from every angle that the light catches it.


Primrose front website

A romantic rose tinted ring, inspired by the blush tones of spring blooms. The diamonds hug the finger and sit comfortably low.

Technical Details:

Primrose is a stunning show of the care and attention to detail that we take when creating jewellery. To create the aesthetic of the diamonds blending in with the rose gold shank, the rough diamond was specially selected and cut to exactly match the pink hue.

The Signature Collection

Our flagship designs show our signature style that combines the beauty of nature with elegant craftsmanship. Each design is available to purchased or can be commissioned with a custom adaptation.

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