Pear shaped Tsavorite double halo engagement ring. Image features a 1.21ct pear shaped Tasvorite (sourced from South Africa) surrounded by a double halo of diamonds. Designs available from 0.7ct.

Designs start from £7,375 (inc. VAT)

• Pear cut Tsavorite centre stone set with talon claws that are elegant and near invisible, yet provide total security

• Yellow gold talon claws selected to provide discrete setting against green gemstone background

• Side-cut scallop set double diamond halo and shoulders allows the maximum amount of light through the stones to generate brilliance

• A slender and elegant band to enhance the centre piece measuring 1.8mm

• 60% diamond shoulders give the impression of a full diamond band even with slight rotation

• Wedfit design allows a wedding band to sit flush alongside this ring

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