June 29, 2022

The Blackacre Bridal Earring Collection

Blackacre detachable vine earrings

The earrings in our bridal collection vary widely, from simple studs to show-stopping ear climbers, suiting any and all brides. Conscious that bridal jewellery's raison d'etre goes well beyond the the big day each piece has been designed with the future in mind.

The versatility of these creations means that they can be adorned on any special occasion.

Each earring in the collection can be fitted with a variety of detachable droplets (which can also be made to order). If you'd like a different attachment, please get in touch to arrange a consultation.


Hyacinth Climber with Paraiba - Website

These ear climbers take inspiration from our signature engagement ring, Daintree, mirroring the climbing vine of diamonds on its shoulders. These are our longest and most spectacular climbers, featuring a slider backing which hugs the lobe.

Hyacinth is seen here with our Paraíba Tourmaline drops.


4 Stone Marquise Climber with Diamond Website

A small tapering cluster of marquise cut diamonds mirror the large clusters of flowers grown on a wisteria. These are stud earrings that maintain the appearance of a climber whilst offering a more every day alternative to some of the larger pieces. These earrings work perfectly in a slightly smaller ear lobe.

The Wisteria studs are seen here with our diamond drops.


Round studs with paraiba Website

Diamond studs are a jewellery collection staple. They are suitable for any occasion from lunch with friends, work meetings to special events.

Our interchangeable drops bring a unique versatility to a seemingly simple creation. Simply attach the charm over the post to take you from the office to dinner with friends.

The Rosa studs shown here measure 0.50ct and are available to create in any size should you so wish.


6 Marquise Climber Detached

These ear climbers take their form from the slender pointed blooms belonging to the honeysuckle plant.

Featuring 5 marquise cut diamonds that taper up the ear and create a seamless festoon of sparkle. These climbers feature a slider back which hugs the ear lobe to securely hold it in place.


Flower Studs with Diamond Website 2

These stud earrings feature four perfectly symmetrical marquise cut diamonds that mirror the outline of petals. This singular bloom holds its own or is transformed with the addition of one of our drops.

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