April 01, 2020

Ruby gemstones & jewellery

Rubies are known as the king of gems, they can command the highest price per carat of any coloured stone and they are believed to be a symbol of passion and hold the power of life. Their name comes from the latin name for the colour red, ruber.

Sunrise ruby ring promo

The Sunrise Ruby - By Cartier

The Sunrise Ruby was sold at Sotheby's in 2015 for CHF 28,250,000 (or £19,473,422), setting a world record and making it the most expensive ruby ever.

Although from the same family as Sapphire, corundum, rubies are the most valuable variety. In its purest form, corundum is clear, but it is with the additions of trace elements that give the gemstone its colour. In ruby, it is the trace element chromium that gives the characteristic and prized "pigeon's blood" red colour.

Ruby and diamond trilogy ring A

A Burmese ruby and diamond trilogy ring, by Blackacre

These precious gems are found in Myanmar, Mozambique, Vietnam and Sri Lanka. The most famous locality is the Mogok valley in Myanmar where the most exquisite specimens have been found. The most vibrant red coloured rubies are found within marble deposits. Because marble lacks iron, the rubies do too, giving them a more saturated red colour; in general, the more chromium present, the more red the ruby. These gems can also fluoresce, which adds to the intensity of its colour, and also increases its price. Rubies found in other rocks such as basalt, which has a high iron content, the colour is less intense, the iron content can also mask the stones natural fluorescence. 

Diamond and Ruby Earings Front Website

A pair of diamond and detachable ruby earrings, by Blackacre

In many religions and cultures around the world, the rubies' symbol of love, passion and romance make it a perfect stone to include in an engagement ring, or in a piece of jewellery to gift a loved one.

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