November 01, 2021

How to choose a wedding ring?

Wedding bands are usually left as an afterthought, once a date, location and the dress have been chosen, so we have gathered together some frequently asked questions. Like all jewellery, a wedding ring is a personal choice. There are endless possibilities of styles, metal and gemstone combinations to choose from.

Double wedding ring box 2

What is a wedding ring?

A wedding ring is traditionally exchanged on a couple’s wedding day, after they have said their vows. The wedding ring can be traced back to Roman times. Rings were forged from gold and worn on the left hand 4th finger, as it was believed this contained a vein which lead to the heart.

What are the metals used in wedding rings?

At Blackacre we use 18K yellow and rose gold and platinum. We can also combine these metals together to produce a multi-tone effect.

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Should wedding rings match?

The choice is yours. You may choose to have the same style and metal type as your partner, especially if you have a wedfit engagement ring that a traditional ring will fit against. Alternatively, if you have a bespoke engagement ring, or non-wedfit ring, you may choose to create a wedding band which matches the shape and style of that, with your partner choosing whatever suits them.

Diamond Twisted Wedding Band

Our Amalfi diamond ribbon twist wedding band can be worn alone or will sit comfortably next to an engagement ring.

Wedding ring finshes

Traditionally, wedding rings have a high polish finish, however sometimes that isn’t for everyone. Here are three alternative finishes:


Satin finishes are matte, with very fine brush marks on their surface, making them non-reflective but smooth to the touch.


Rings with a brushed finish have deep wire brush marks in their surface, which appear to go right around the ring.


Using a small hammer, dimples are made in the surface of the wedding ring, giving each one a totally unique look. The ring still has a shiny polish, though not as shiny as a traditional high polish ring.

All three finishes are great for people who have practical jobs for hiding where, over time, their ring may become scratched.

Traditional yellow gold men's wedding ring

A men's 4mm, 18K yellow gold wedding ring.

Most of our male clients usually go for our classic 4mm court ring, in either 18k yellow gold or platinum, this is a timeless style that is slender and comfortable for everyday wear.

Many of our female clients choose to opt for a diamond set wedding band which can be worn comfortably with or without an engagement ring.

Please get in touch if you'd like to create a bespoke wedding ring.

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