April 29, 2022

15ct blue diamond fetches $57.5m at Sotheby's auction

De Beers Blue Diamond

Image courtesesy of Sotheby's

The De Beers Blue, an exceptional 15.10ct internally flawless step-cut Fancy Vivid Blue diamond reached more than $57.4 million at auction this week.

The price paid for the stone makes it one of the most expensive stones to be ever sold at auction. It is also the largest ever vivid blue diamond to be sold at auction. So you get the idea... it is pretty rare!

The auction took place at Sotheby's Hong Kong with a tantalising bidding war lasting around 8 minutes. The full video of the auction can be watched in the clip below from Sotheby's.

Well worth the watch.

As you might expect, there are not many individuals in the world that are able to afford a rare gem such as this.

We would love to be privy to the conversations over the phone between the bidders and their auction house representatives as the auction progressed.

One can only begin to imagine the exhiliration experienced by those involved.

About blue diamonds

The blue diamonds are some o the rarest of all coloured diamonds. The blue colour is typically caused by the presence of trace amounts of the rare element boron within the diamond crystal lattice.

We wrote an article previously on the topic of blue diamonds.

De Beers Blue Diamond Sothebys

Image courtesey of Sotheby's

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